Investing 101 2.0

Learning In Public

I spend the majority of my time working with ideas, rather than software. But I’m fascinated with the concepts of open source repositories of knowledge and collaborative digital communities. Building open source code provides a good way for people who can build software to learn from each other in public and iterate on what they’re building.

Ideas are easier to put into the world, but harder to document. And if you can’t document an idea and see it evolve you may not fully understand it.

Investing 101 2.0

The idea behind my writing is this: people can be learning how to be better investors while simultaneously reinventing how it’s done. The key question is “how could we do this differently?”

I want to try and capture that learning by occasionally writing about people and organizations who are doing just that—thinking differently. People who have found new ways or models or specialties in the way they invest.

This extends to building communities in collaborative Notion wikis, shared Roam databases, and interviews with the revolutionaries of investing.

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