Reminds me of how Matt Levine writes: "Panic mode" is the default writing mode of journalists.

"Each weekday, Mr. Levine, 42, wakes up at 5 in the morning. He looks at what’s going on in the markets, scrolls through emails from readers and plugs into the chatter of early-to-work traders. Then he starts to write. Roughly 5,000 words later on a long-winded day, he files Money Stuff to his editor, and it’s sent to subscribers around noon."

Matt: "But mostly I have no repeatable process, I just wake up and panic until there’s a newsletter. I have been doing it long enough that the panic feels less overwhelming; I figure I have a good track record of producing a newsletter every day, so the odds that today’s the day it stops working are low. But I do text my friends most days saying “help I have nothing to write about” or “help I have forgotten how to write” or “help—today’s the day it stops working.”

[1] Columnist Makes Sense of Wall Street Like None Other (See Footnote)—New York Times, https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/08/business/matt-levine-bloomberg.html

[2] Icebreakers With...Bloomberg Columnist Matt Levine, https://www.morningbrew.com/daily/stories/2021/12/17/icebreakers-with-bloomberg-columnist-matt-levine

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This is good read. I've been following the idea of "atomic units of thoughts" and that's my principle. And I really resonate with the quotes from Paul Graham, “We underestimate the cumulative effect of work.”

As a side note, I'm glad to see that you're using Roam Research as your personal knowledge management tool. If you'd like to know the source of knowledge, I'd recommend you to use Glasp, a public repository of the knowledge and exports web highlights into Roam Research.


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Are there great tools for capturing atomic units of thought? I wonder if something always in reach could universally help people think more clearly or brain dump stuff on their mind.

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I contemplated the idea for a while now to (re)launch my own blog (I never stopped to write but everything is spread across bits of drafts here & there) - reading this definitely makes me want to structure everything and start publishing again 🙏

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