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The best article I've read for a month.

My learnings:

"Customer acquisition will be a unique and powerful battlefield as companies look to set themselves apart. That's why brand and reach will become more important than ever. In an era of automated creation, you'll need to be even more creative with how you get your stuff in front of people.

"Identifying how to build that intangible asset is core to a company’s business model and requires deliberate planning to unlock."

"Going forward, the very best companies will be those that have nailed a very specific pain point for a very specific type of person. They'll have formed a novel acquisition method for bringing those customers as cheaply as possible, and they'll have the product velocity and quality to keep those customers around for as long as possible."

Memo to myself: https://share.glasp.co/kei/?p=WDNfccPkLCji5yvd3jBF

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