A world where a majority of startups focus on their unit economics / sustainable growth and building to enduring value (what timeframe does enduring even address) is certainly something I'd love to see come to pass.

It feels like there remain significant headwinds: from SOX pushing fraud to darker homes in private markets (Theranos, FTX on the extreme case to selective sharing in board meetings to remain in favor amongst the portfolio & in the bag passing game) to the temptation of personal rep boosts and partnership advancement in hitting big and fast from hollow/hyped wins to what might now be a generation of venture investors who haven't learned to ask these questions/push for this style of company building and maybe haven't even ever witnessed port co's who look like it...

Of course pre-pandemic investing had more scrutiny on fundamentals but there was still plenty of FOMO pre-empting and certain personalities more famous for that scrutiny than others. I'm curious your perspective on the likelihood to forget the fever dreams of responsible company building if the downturn recovers in some near/mid horizon and what that horizon length might be in your opinion?

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Loved this 👏

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