Listened to StrictlyVC podcast and was very impressed:

"Connie: And so there's nothing on your roadmap that includes helping your companies become PE targets down the road?

Michael Sutherland Brown: No, we actually make a very devout customer promise that our companies will become 80% employee owned and will never be for sale again.

Connie: Wow, that's really interesting!"


A Startup That ls Buying Up Mom-and- Pop Shops by StrictlyVC


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fascinating piece 📝

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Great post as usual. I too am fascinated with city building (or social capital formation and aggregation). Re. Opendoor, I love the idea of an SFR market-maker, but they are cursed by entering at a moment of profound dislocation, driven in part by the absence of a market maker. Individual sellers and buyers (who are both buyers and sellers respectively) need to execute 2-legged trades, without knowing what they can buy, until they sell.

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