Absolutely loving your content Kyle, would you be open to allowing us to share it with our 60k+ audience as well?

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Hey great piece!

Including this in Launch House's Homescreen newsletter to 20,000 readers coming out Monday.

We're doing some collabs with VC/founder-writers. Let me know if you ever want to write a short 300-400 piece for LH. Will 100% link back to subscribe button for Investing 101!


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Great piece, Kyle.

I have a hard time thinking that founders are the ones that "should do more" here, simply because they were disincentivized from that in recent years.

Investors are the ones putting money down and, arguably, they've been doing a bad, bad, bad job recently - as you have also pointed out.

Finding the next Zuck (ie a kid that will grow his company to a large IPO) is very hard. Most "new Zucks" fail and, if you invested in them, you lit your money on fire. In good times, that's fine because you have another set of "good deals" which are profitable (although, ironically, they perhaps were never "good deals" really, you just made a profit "because good times"). In bad times, old practices like real due diligence will come back into fashion, I believe.

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